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Expert advice for technically complex tax challenges

TT Intelligence is a niche tax consultancy that provides specialist tax advice and bespoke solutions for those High Net worth Individuals whose financial affairs are especially complicated. The work is all handled by senior advisors who are familiar with all the technicalities of the most complex planning, defence and disclosure issues.

Our services range from tax planning and mitigation to advice and help in defending HMRC investigations – whether you are just taking steps to avoid future challenges, or dealing with present ones, our assistance will prove absolutely invaluable.

We offer the same calibre of expertise as the leading accountancy practices, but with two important differences. The work will not be handed down to more junior members of staff – it will typically be completed by the same person who advised on your enquiry. And, unlike the bigger firms, we don’t charge the kind of fees that only major corporates can afford.

Your initial consultation is free of charge, and usually over the telephone. We will then agree the scope of the work involved and an appropriate fee. The tax environment is not getting any simpler, and investigations are becoming considerably more rigorous; therefore more than ever before you need to ensure that you have the right advice from the start of the enquiry where possible.

Although we are a niche consultancy, our experience is unusually extensive. We can therefore offer the range of services, and the same high calibre of expertise, as you would expect from a much larger accountancy practice.

Our services:

  • Tax planning and mitigation
  • Defence - Code of Practice 8 and 9 investigations by HMRC investigations – these cases tend to be very technical and we are one of the few tax consultancies with the kind of expertise that is required to mount a successful defence. 

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We carefully select Compliant Partners offering a range of services. Our Partners include: 

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