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Alternative Property Investments

Opening the door to property investment opportunities usually reserved for only the largest investors

You Don’t Have to Be Super Rich to Play With London Property.

With entry requirements as low as £20,000, through Cogress anyone can be an equity holder in prime London properties. Cogress has been successfully involved in the purchase, renovation and management of multiple properties in the US, Israel and London. Many of our investors have made above market returns, with a recent project in Golders Green achieving an annual return of 25.07%*.

Our unique investment model empowers our community of investors

  • A selection of exclusive investment opportunities
  • Potential exit in as little as 18 months**
  • Investment units start at £20,000
Making property investments widely accessible

Our unique investment model provides a different way of investing your money, and gives access to property investment opportunities that are normally reserved for only the very largest developers.

Open to all, potential investors can register and join our community of investors at no cost. As part of the Cogress community investors are presented with, and are able to review a range of rigorously screened and carefully vetted investment opportunities. Cogress undertakes strict due diligence and oversight of all developers and opportunities.

Investment units start at £20,000, and it is entirely the investor’s choice as to which opportunity they choose to invest in, and the level of investment is based solely upon their appetite for.

Cogress actively controls and manages each investment opportunity and a dedicated Investor Relations Manager is assigned to each investor when they choose a project to invest in.  Alongside this, investors are granted access to Cogress’ online portal where they are able to view real time information on the status of the investment.

Exits from our investments can typically be expected between 18 – 36 months*

Cogress are investors as well so we operate by placing our investor’s best interests at the very heart of what we do.

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*Past performance is no indication for future success.

**Property investments are illiquid, and our exit targets are merely guidance. They may not be relied on

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