Do you know how to maximise your income whilst on assignment as an interim, consultant, contractor or freelancer?

Are you an interim, consultant, contractor or freelancer looking for the most efficient and compliant way to maximise your earnings whilst on assignment? 

Do you find searching for the right service provider time consuming and somewhat confusing? Would you rather concentrate on your assignment and leave the search to someone else?

The good news is we’ve taken care of the hard part for you!  We search for the most up-to-date products, services and solutions on the market and negotiate the best rates available on behalf of our clients.  We extensively check all service providers, as well as seeking legal and tax advice before recommending any providers to you.

Our expertise in sourcing a range of remuneration and tax planning solutions has helped many individuals in the same circumstance.

Whether employed, self-employed, Limited Company, Personal Service Company, Umbrella Company, Gross invoicing or accountancy, we have partnered with a range of providers covering all of the options. 

How does it work?

We ask you a few questions about your unique situation and then recommend providers who can assist you.  Once you are armed with the right information, the decision making process is entirely yours.  Origin Wealth remains a neutral, unbiased introducer throughout this process and we do not charge you for the introduction to suitable providers. 


Try out our calculator below to see how much you could be potentially be taking home with our recommended suppliers. Alternatively please contact us or call 0203 667 4958 if you have any questions.

Our Partners

We carefully select Compliant Partners offering a range of services. Our Partners include: 

Calculate your return


PAYE: £37,301 (71.73%)

ORIGIN: +£6,791 (85%)

Please note
The calculator is based on a full year (52 weeks), using a standard tax code. 
Calculator figures will vary depending on actual day rate, additional rates and number of days

worked, as well as the provider you choose and the particular service they  recommend.
The calculator results are for illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee of income.

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About Origin Wealth

Here at Origin Wealth we are fully independent, neutral and non-biased with all introductions we make and do not provide any products or financial services or ourselves. What we do, and have done successfully for many years, is look at your unique circumstances and then facilitate an introduction to the most appropriate provider, or providers, for you – we present you with your options and it’s your choice how to proceed thereafter. Our introductory service is free of charge to you.

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"Origin Wealth has provided me with extremely useful advice and introduced me to services I hadn't contemplated were suitable to my financial situation. "
 AG - Interim Consultant

Origin Wealth is an objective and neutral introducer of services for high net worth individuals

Origin Wealth actively sources services and providers on your behalf and negotiates preferential rates

Origin Wealth will only recommend solutions that meet our stringent due diligence and compliance

Origin Wealth is always interested in new partnerships - get in touch today on 0203 667 4958

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Origin Wealth acts purely as an introducer and does not provide advice, remuneration planning or financial products and services itself.  All introductions made are neutral and unbiased.

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